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Rockhampton North Early Learning

The very best in early education for your children

Rockhampton North Early Learning is a 91 place early learning centre in Rockhampton, which caters for children from as young as 6 weeks to school age. This childcare centre is a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten provider and is facilitated by a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Rockhampton North Early Learning has incorporated various environments and facilities within the centre to ensure children are exposed to a wide variety of experiences to help the acquisition of skills for life-long learning.

One of the fantastic opportunities on offer for your child at this unique Rockhampton child care centre is the 'Barnyard Program', which has been known to provide a range of education benefits, such as assisting your child to develop an understanding of early agricultural skills. The vegetable garden supports and promotes the learning of sustainable practices and healthy lifestyle choices.

Rockhampton North Early Learning also has an interactive water park, which allows children to challenge themselves physically and build social relationships with educators and their peers.

An Education Focused Child Care Centre

The curriculums and educational programs provided during childcare at Rockhampton North Early Learning are a part of nationally approved learning framework, which includes the Early Years Learning Framework, My Time, Our Place and the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines.

If you've been trying to find a childcare centre in Rockhampton which offers a more holistic education experience, then Rockhampton North Early Learning may be the best fit for your child. Contact your childcare centre in Rockhampton today to discuss the availability and opportunity for your child to get the best start to their education and future.


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